Yesterday’s snow

The weather has always been good for describing (local) political events as pictorially as possible. For example, there is sometimes a frosty climate between individual city council factions and occasionally also for critical reporters.

There may also be contemporaries for whom the allowance scandal or election mailings have long been yesterday's snow, which has dissolved into nothingness by the weekend's thaw and constant rain. Who has also kept completely dry fube in the subsequent flood is not yet determined at this point in time, however. As always, when snow melts, new, unsavory legacies or unsolved problems can come to light. But the mild temperatures of the coming days could perhaps also contribute to the growth of a bit of grass over some unpleasant things.

But hobby gardeners, journalists and local politicians have known it for a long time: in some years, even after easter, occasional frost can still be expected. In any case, it will remain clear – to cloudy.

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