Wildlife accidents: up to 20 crashes per month

According to the hunters’ association, peak accident periods are april/may and september to november. Infranken spoke to chief inspector hermann dorfler, traffic officer at the police station in stadtsteinach, about the issue.

Infranken: mr. Dorfler, how many wildlife incidents does the police department record in your area of service on average per year??
Hermann dorfler: the last four years there have been an average of 210 game accidents in our area, with the number of accidents involving wild boar on the increase.

How many were there so far?
Since january 2012, we have already recorded 195 wild accidents in the inspection area.

Are there months in which the number of these accidents seems to accumulate??
In april and may and the months of september, october, november. Otherwise, there were between 15 and 20 accidents per month.

Which routes in the inspection area are particularly dangerous for motorists?
The number of wildlife accidents in our country is quite high. The two federal highways on the B 289 between ludwigschorgast and mannsflur and on the entire B 303 from rugendorf via untersteinach to bad berneck are dangerous. On these two federal highways we have recorded since 1. January 2009 267 wildfires. Next come the county roads, especially the KU 13 between untersteinach via maierhof to hohenberg, and the KU 9 between poppenholz and zettlitz, the KU 21 between hegnabrunn and lake and between sessenreuth and marktschorgast, and the KU 24 between zettlitz and wartenfels.

But also the KU 29 between lindau and waldau as well as the KU 10 between trebgast and heinersreuth are to be mentioned. In total, on the entire circular roads in our inspection area, we have had since 1. January 2009 290 wildlife accidents. It is dangerous on the state roads between stadtsteinach and presseck, between trebgast and harsdorf and between waizendorf and folschnitz. On the state roads there were 169 game accidents in the mentioned period of time. 101 accidents have been recorded on municipal roads and roads connecting villages.

What behavior do you generally recommend for road users in the dark season??
One should not always drive at top speed when such stretches are known to be strewn with wild animals. Often these routes are also marked with the traffic sign ‘wildwechsel’. In principle: wild can appear very quickly.

How should the driver behave if there really was an accident with wild animals??
In any case, notify the police, do not continue driving and call them hours later. If a contact with game has taken place, after a certain period of time no visible evidence (hair, blood, sweat, etc.) can be found.) more recognizable, and there may be problems with the insurance, because the police in this case can no longer issue a wild accident certificate.

The police has a list of hunters and hunters’ leaseholders, who are immediately informed about the game accident. But we already had a special case: a driver ran over a deer, put it in the trunk and drove it to the police station. This is definitely not how it should be.

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