“Who wants to be a millionaire??”is set in motherland great Britain

As a result, ITV announced on tuesday that it would no longer produce new programs. Since 1998, "who wants to be a millionaire??" the most recent shows were specials with celebrities, for example. Like gunther jauch in the german version, which has been on RTL since 1999, tarrant has been there from the beginning and is closely associated with the show.

The englishman david briggs developed the quiz idea in 1996 and landed a surprise success. To win the top prize, the contestants have to answer 15 increasingly difficult questions. There were five millionaires in great britain.

The rights have been sold in 120 countries and regions worldwide, including uganda, kazakhstan and afghanistan. There is the broadcast in 83 languages. All broadcasters had to adhere to tight format rules. The studio, the light effects and the music are about the same. The film "slumdog millionar" has won eight oscars from 2008 the indian version of the show is thematized.

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