When hunters go to school

The elementary school students of siegfried-moslein-grundschule grobheirath owe a special day to the hunters around markus fichtner. What started out as a simple request from the school’s father quickly developed into a project day all about the forest and hunting.

Roughly was the interest of the children in the tasks of a jager. In four stations they could question the professionals to their heart’s content. As a forester, ralf keller provided information on silviculture. With four-legged support, anne lenk with helga and sandra claus with ronja explained how their dogs help with the hunt. The children experienced at first hand the trust that dogs and their "mistresses" have in each other perform their duties while looking out for each other’s well-being.

Good nerves were needed with sandy apis, who not only told the children about the work of a jager, but also let them try out various lure instruments. He was supported in the preparation by matthias pfistner. Markus fichtner familiarized the schoolchildren with the animals of the forest. For this purpose, they were able to present specimens of red deer, wild boar and co. View in the auditorium. During the presentation of the animals, the students were given tips on how to treat wildlife and nature responsibly. As a special surprise, everyone was allowed to meet achim schmidt’s and gina biernath’s feathered hunting assistants and to be part of their trusting work with each other on the sports field. The falconers rounded off the insight into the hunt with this.

"With great commitment, markus fichtner and his hunting friends organized this day for our children, dispelled their prejudices and enabled them to get to know hunting at first hand. It became clear to the children what extensive knowledge and skills a hunter must have in order to bear this responsibility for the forest and its animals and plants. We would like to thank all those involved, including ludwig krinner for providing the preparations and egon russ as the local hunter for this special school day. This project, organized by parents, mobilized many volunteers who gave up their free time to show our children the versatility of their hobby, and was a unique experience for everyone", it says in a press release of the school.

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