When egloffstein ignited the turbo

50 years ago there was a spirit of optimism in egloffstein. At that time, the municipality repaved numerous roads, plans were underway for a wildlife park in hundshaupten, and the castle concerts celebrated their 20th anniversary.

But before all this could happen, another social event was the center of interest: on 7. January 1970, mayor and county councilman hans daut celebrated his 50th birthday in the hall of the BDK house (sozialwerk bund deutscher kriegsopfer). Birthday. Daut, a member of the town council since 1952, demanded as mayor that egloffstein be qualified as a climatic health resort in 1958. In 1959 egloffstein was also awarded the pradikat "markt" (market) on its own initiative awarded". The road problems were largely solved. "The arlesbrunnenstrabe and the paradiesweg are still missing and will be paved in 1970", daut pledged at the castle meeting.

Building a "main school

In his younger days, he was mainly concerned with the establishment of a school association and the construction of a "hauptschule" (main school) with eight school classes. 1.7 million marks had already been invested, of which 540000 marks were the community’s own funds, and a further 90,000 marks for the construction of a gymnastics field.

Despite all the financial worries, daut even held out the prospect of building an indoor swimming pool to boost the flagging foreign traffic. This is very important, said daut, because "an industrial settlement for the market community due to lack of labor" was out of the question.

In 1970, the dilapidated water pipes dating back to 1912 were a cause for concern, which is why coarse water tanks were built on the mountain. In july 1970, the castle celebrated a milestone anniversary: 20 years of castle concerts, a series of events that had long since ceased to exist. In the summer of 1950, the first castle music festival was held at egloffstein castle. The occasion at that time was the 200th birthday of the. Birthday of the castle church, which was celebrated extensively and full of people. The von egloffstein family and fritz preis were the driving forces behind the event, which took place at the burghof.

Castle glory

Helmut goldmann drove the baton at the time, and actor helmut pfund loved to recite images of romantic castle glories. "The enterprise was undoubtedly a risk", said the reporter at the time, but the calculation worked out. With the support of the french-swiss association and the then district administrator otto ammon, this developed into a highly respected and professional annual series of events that set the trend for cultural work in the district. 1970 the jubilee castle music festival took place on 18. The concert took place in july with the music of ludwig van beethoven and the following performers: the orchester-gemeinschaft nurnberg under the conductor hans konrad, the mixed choir egloffstein and as soloists concertmaster arthur kulling (violin) from the wurttemberg state orchestra stuttgart, ilse kern (soprano) from nurnberg, erika dinnebier-gorke, reciter from nurnberg and studienrat hans ackermann from grafenberg. It was a complete success – at that time in the courtyard of the castle.

Also tending in the direction of tourism was gudila freifrau von polnitz, who put a spontaneous idea into action and established a 40-hectare wildlife park in the family’s extensive hundshaupten estate in 1970. The reason given for the construction of the park was the idea of creating "a major attraction in french-speaking switzerland", and rightly so, as it turns out today.

In addition one established a game gate with 3400 meters long, in which many native animals, which were partly even bought, found place. For the feeding in the first year 100 quintals of concentrated feed were purchased, which were stored in six houses and the castle barn. A major concern of the "baroness" was the following, as it was called in his lifetime, that especially the youth finds its way to the wild park. And the head forester and director of the park at the time, walter drosdziok, said "the park should not be an english garden, but a primeval nature with all its beauty".

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