What the fire brigade does

What the fire brigade does

At the annual general meeting of the weidach volunteer fire department, commandant stephan goer reported on nine technical assistance operations and five fire alarms. The emergency services were called out twice because cellar rooms were under water. Once the water level was one centimeter, at the second operation the house owner was able to "turn off the tap by himself", according to the commandant. Without having to intervene, the fire brigade was allowed to leave again.

The commander was shocked by the behavior of a burgher in weidach, who thought he had to fight weeds with a gas burner at 30 degrees celsius and in an extreme drought. But it was not only the weeds that caught fire, but also an adjacent hedge, which in turn called the fire department into action. "Such irresponsible behavior is beyond my control", emphasized stephan goer.

Also a smoke detector caused an unnecessary operation of the weidach fire department. On the spot, they found that there was no emergency, but that the owner had simply forgotten to replace the batteries.

All in all, the firefighters put in 147 hours of service. The 22 active members invested a further 290 working hours in six training courses, ten exercises and three technical services. Of the nine respiratory protection carriers, six are ready for action according to the statement of the respiratory protection officer markus dressel. In the past year, five of them were called out on three occasions. The four-headed group "fall protection" was called to action added.

Five hardworking firefighters

Not without a certain pride, stephan goer reported on the activities of the five fire department instructors, who deepened their knowledge and skills in 20 training sessions. At the end of the year, 90 hours of honorary service were recorded.

He particularly emphasized the fact that in the past year it was possible to recruit four young people for the youth group.

But weidach does not want to rest on its laurels. On the contrary: stephan goer announced that youth work would be expanded further.

On the subject of "youth also district fire chief jannic christ came to speak. He reports that the number of firefighter recruits in the coburg district has fallen below the 400 mark. For him, youth work is the foundation of fire departments.

Andreas muller, chairman of the firefighters' association, was very satisfied with the popularity of the social events. He particularly emphasized the "gluhweinanstich" the event was preceded by a veritable stampede of visitors. He paid great tribute to the members who had given the board excellent support. After four retirements, one death and four new members, andreas muller put the number of members at 103.

Second mayor werner hanke called it important that the cooperation with the other weitramsdorfer fire departments harmonized perfectly.

Honors and demands

Deputy commander markus dressel was appointed to the post of the mayor. Recognition was given to swen heinkel, who has been loyal to the association for 25 years. 

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