Warning strike paralyzes bus service

Warning strike paralyzes bus service

Today, tuesday, all buses of the stadtwerke bamberg are expected to be at a standstill. Because from 4.30 o’clock the trade union verdi calls for a nationwide warning strike. This is the first major strike in decades over the framework collective agreement for local transport, which is to be regulated more uniformly throughout germany: 30 days of vacation per year, better overtime regulations and better structuring of pay are verdi’s goals. The federal employers’ association has decided to leave this issue to the states to decide, and is currently refusing to talk about it.

"If something isn’t done to improve working conditions, we’ll soon have no more young drivers, unionist dirk schneider, responsible for transport and municipal employers at verdi oberfranken-west, said. 100,000 new drivers will be needed nationwide in the next ten years. In order to deal with the problem of junior staff, the special collective agreement for local transport in bavaria contains further demands that are to be emphasized by the warning strike: a reduction of the working week to 35 hours with full wage compensation, as well as higher bonuses for night and sunday travel and further improvements.

Lines are currently cancelled again and again due to illness, and employees in bamberg alone are working 10,000 hours overtime.

Parents’ association informs

For the morning, the union calls for a meeting at the depot of the municipal utility in georgenstrabe. The workforce comprises 160 people, 60 of whom are unionized. The mood in the run-up to the strike is good. Parents and school associations have already been informed by letter that the schools will not be transported by the municipal buses on tuesday either. "We want to make it clear that our strikes are not directed against the schools, but can preserve school transport in the long term", explains schneider. That’s why he considers this approach to be far-sighted, since too much has been saved on personnel over the past 20 years.

Because more young people also allow for a higher frequency and thus an expansion of public transport, important climate protection goals could be better achieved if this means more cars standing idle in the future. The climate protection movement fridays for future and the organization attac have therefore been on the side of the union since the beginning of the wage negotiations and will also be present at the verdi rally in bamberg.

Private line not affected

"We are in the process of informing our passengers through all possible channels", jan giersberg describes the efforts of the public utility company. The press spokesman is pleased with the timely information from the union, so that customers can choose a different mode of transportation. Giersberg emphasizes the constitutional right to unite as a union and states: "we will not stand in the way of our colleagues." an estimated 30,000 passengers had to do without bus rides during the day. All other divisions of the municipal utilities, such as energy or internet, are not affected. In addition, the scheduled cab services and the privately operated bus routes in the district are exempt from the strike.

For the 19. October is the next round of negotiations with the employers’ associations in bavaria. Unionist schneider is combative: "if the employers don’t move, further strikes are conceivable."

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