Vehicle hall becomes a discotheque

Vehicle hall becomes a discotheque

The neuhaus fire station was unrecognizable last weekend. The hall, where normally the lorries are parked, had turned into a real disco shed, and many young people from neuhaus, but also from adelsdorf and friends of the fire department from flachslanden near ansbach were happily cavorting on the dance floor. The djs jorg and jens, known as the "monkeybeats, heated up with suitable music and the atmosphere was great. In total 250 guests were able to pay.

The red helmets, especially second in command patrick sorger, had prepared everything very well. The fire chief chris and his grill master eugen took turns putting on bratwursts and various steaks, and the "monkeybeats" brought the "hutte" with their perfectly selected music to the quake. Several girls and boys from the ranks of the fire brigade stood behind the bar and made sure that nobody had to die of thirst.

At the security entrance, firefighter osvaldo nechita (20 years old) helped out. He has lived in neuhaus for two years and has been a member of the fire department for almost as long. He likes to explain this step: "I think it’s important, and it makes me proud to save people. Besides, our community is simply super. Such festivities stick together and prepare spab!" 19-year-old sophia gunther also likes to tell us why she is a firefighter: "i’ve been a firefighter since 2015, and it just gives me a lot of fun and joy. In addition to helping and rescuing, events such as the huttengaudi, the celebration together in our town – the gallic village south of the B470 – are also important."

"This is the eighth time we’ve held this huttengaudi", patrick sorger tells. "Back then, the whole idea was actually born out of a joke", betrayal.

A fortuitous product

"Another event in the village was canceled at short notice and then someone of us came up with the idea to do something ourselves." and since then the huttengaudi always runs in the carnival time with rough success. "Of course, it is also a matter of recruiting new members, because we must try to appeal to young people and inspire them to join the fire department, especially in this day and age. An event like this is the best way to do that", he continues.

"But for all the fun, no one forgets the important background. The surplus from the proceeds is as always for the red helmets and this means that in the end everyone gets something out of it." johanna blum

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