Trade rejects 2g regulation

trade rejects 2g regulation

The trade in germany rejects a possible access to shafts only for vaccinated and genesis.

"Introducing 2G nationwide and across the board in retail would be completely unacceptable and would miss the mark," stefan genth, chief executive of the german retail association (HDE), told the deutsche presse-agentur. Hygiene concepts, mandatory masks and distance rules ensure that the retail trade is not a source of infection despite many millions of customer contacts per day.

Federal and state governments plan tougher measures to combat corona pandemic. Details are to be worked out by thursday in order to then come to joint decisions, according to government spokesman steffen seibert. Among other things, the federal and state governments want to decide whether to extend the 2G rule to the retail sector. Businesses for daily needs are to be excluded.

In the christmas business, further reductions led to uncertainty both in the retail trade and among customers, genth criticized. "Frequencies and sales could collapse due to 2G and threaten the christmas business, which was originally considered a ray of hope."

With the inoculation one has the key to the way out of the crisis already in the hand. Low-threshold vaccination offers are in demand, and it is also time for compulsory vaccination.

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