The sun shines on guntner’s premiere jump

the sun shines on guntner's premiere jump

The 18 degree air temperature doesn’t feel like much, plus the swimming pool of the outdoor pool on kitzingen’s moonshine island was already 20 degrees celsius. The sun laughed down from the sky when the new oberburg master stefan guntner gave the symbolic starting signal for the open-air swimming season with a bold dive and at the same time the blue and white flags went up as a visible sign of the opening.

"I’m not the best swimmer," the former soccer player and hobby triathlete confessed after pulling up and down a lane in the swimming pool. Of course, this would not have been noticed at all, because his crawling style could be seen and at the triathlon in the river main he has already proved his swimming ability several times.

"We are waiting for a state requirement program," said stefan guntner after jumping into the kuhle nass. Because after the non-swimmer’s pool, the swimmer’s pool is now in line for renovation and since the paddling pool is no longer up to date, major investments are in the offing. "The paddling pool has outlived its usefulness as a watering hole," stated rebecca hick, which is why there is a need for action.

Lanes in the swimming pool are partitioned off

"This year, the pool operation is new territory for everyone, whether for us as the people in charge or for the pool visitors," said rebecca hick, managing director of the kitzinger stadtbetriebe. In fact, things are different this year because of the cuts caused by the corona pandemic.

So in the swimming pool two lanes are divided laterally to ensure the 1.5 meter distance and a swimmer then pulls up a lane and after a short turn back down. To ensure that nothing happens and that distances and the hygiene concept are observed, the diving towers must remain closed until further notice.

The non-swimmers have it a little better, because above all the children and young people can look forward to the spab in the coarse slide. "We have increased staff to monitor compliance with regulations," explained peter zimmermann, operations manager at kitzingen bader.

Changing rooms and showers remain closed

The restrictions imposed by the state government mean that a maximum of 100 people are allowed in both pools at the same time, and no more than 600 visitors are allowed on the site in all. The monitoring is done via the online tickets, "but we also just pay", said peter zimmermann. The changing area remains closed as well as the showers, there are only the mushrooms at the edge of the pool to change into.

In normal years, the open-air pool opens in mid-may; this year, it’s the pool’s turn a month later. Usually the season runs until mid september, but maybe stefan guntner’s smiling hope for a golden october will become reality. "If we could reach up to 15,000 visitors a month, that would be very good," said peter zimmermann, taking a realistic view of the situation. This year, the berndt family, who lease the kiosk, open only the outside area; the inside of the cafeteria must remain closed.

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