The group compulsion in the cell phone

The group compulsion in the cell phone

But there’s one thing that can be quite annoying about the glowing green speech bubble on the display, and that’s the chat groups that the messenger offers.

Of course, a group message function like this is very practical for many people, because you can get on the nerves of several recipients at the same time – whether they like it or not. Above all, the whatsapp groups always appear in the same garb: one of them sets them up, either as an obligatory family chat or as a kindergarten group in which concerned mothers ask whether the offspring of other families also have gastrointestinal problems – or which jacket is best suited for an excursion. Not missing, of course, the "what-do-we-do on the weekend?"-group, in which you never agree anyway.

Often there are two players who animate the group chat with mutual messages and those who accompany the chat as silent readers. In principle, the result is often endless discussions and countless messages, in which the actual intention, i.E. The question at the beginning of the chat, is often lost. Leaving the group? Mute? App delete? Cell phone out of the window? Eyes closed and through? These are all options that go through my mind when a new whatsapp group lights up on my display. I usually go for the latter and think to myself that there are worse things. Parents’ evenings for example.

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