The door is opened to the joy of play

The door is opened to the joy of play

What can this be: about ten elementary school students and two adults stand in a circle, each holding a two-meter-long string attached to a small ring in the middle of the circle? With the help of the string, they want to move a red ball placed on the ring from one table to another as quickly as possible, even if there are several "obstacles" to overcome.
"Group transport", is the answer. With such an extremely amusing group transport, the following events were held early on thursday morning at the "rudolf winkler house" in berlin the seventh "habberg game days open. Mayor thomas stadelmann and district administrator wilhelm schneider were in the middle of the action instead of just being there mingled with the pupils of 3b of the neighboring elementary school. With success: thanks to full concentration, the team task was mastered confidently without the ball falling to the ground.

120 girls and boys

class teacher victoria doll wasn't the only one who enjoyed the unusual lessons in the huge classroom, in addition to the 3b class, three other elementary school classes and kindergarten groups from zeil and eltmann had a great time – a total of 120 girls and boys. The 25-year-old trainee praised the action as a "good change". Once only play from spab is also something very special.
For district administrator schneider, the play days are still a great thing. "We can tell by the response: schools and families alike are still very happy to take advantage of the wide range of activities on offer." his wish would be "to sit together like we used to and play together as a family". Of course, the district invests a lot of money in this event, which lasts several days and is free of charge for the visitors, not only because of the games themselves, which have so far cost an estimated 18,000 euros to purchase. But the "kostenauand" is worthwhile in any case. All the more so when it is so well received."
Meanwhile, mayor thomas stadelmann took the time to pay a private visit to the games days. "I have a grandson myself. We still play the simple games like 'don't argue'", he said. But the selection of new things is huge.
He is right: the visitors were allowed to enjoy themselves in the "rudolf winkler house" to classics like "kniffel and "monopoly as well as looking forward to novelties like "king domino (game of the year) "icecool (children's game of the year) and the connoisseur's game of the year "exit".
Continuing the nearly 32,000-piece "double-retrospect" game-giant puzzle. Seven of eight bags, each containing 4,000 pieces, have already been completed since the premiere in ebern (2014), konigsberg (2015), habfurt (2016) and most recently ebelsbach. In zeil, the puzzle is now to be finished.
"So you can see that we are really offering something again", says frank kupfer-mauder from the main organizer kreisjugendring (KJR) in the hope of numerous visitors. He and the 35-strong team of volunteers, including KJR board members led by chairman daniel fischer, are to be congratulated.

The playing times

play is on today's friday from 15 to 23 o'clock, on saturday from 10 to 20 o'clock and on family sunday from 11 to 18 o'clock. The entrance is free. The visitors' physical well-being is catered for with snacks, drinks, coffee and cakes. The rudolf winkler house in zeil is right next to the town's indoor swimming pool. If the parking lot is occupied, visitors are asked to use the parking lots at the marketplace or at the tuchanger.

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