Struggle for a town hall report

struggle for a town hall report

So far, there is only an internal "interim report" to the city councils. But the dispute over the study by sebastian korber (FDP) is already in full swing.
The forchheim city council had appointed korber in february to investigate the progress of the city hall renovation project. Because the city councils had repeatedly complained that the cost calculations and the tenders were not transparent.
The FDP councillor korber was also appointed by the majority of the council because they considered him, the architect, to be particularly suitable for assessing the file situation surrounding the renovation work. The SPD vehemently questioned this suitability on wednesday. Reiner buttner, the head of the SPD parliamentary group, expresses his "astonishment and annoyance" in an open letter from: he has the "e-mail-intercourse uber ihren rathausbericht mit dem oberburgermeister" read, shares buttner. And reproaches korber: "that they only share information with the city council and exclude the SPD faction, is not acceptable."
The SPD faction leader recalls that he supported the investigation; but that he was against the "person" from the beginning corber had been.
His mistrust justifies buttner with an auberung of manfred hummer () in the youngest council meeting. Allegedly, hummer has heard about "new information on the city hall renovation" and therefore read a "second interim report demanded.

Equal treatment demanded

reiner buttner concludes from this that sebastian korber, for example, wanted to provide information to the independent voters, but not to the SPD. "This action underscores my concerns with the occupation of them as a commissioned officer", laments buttner. And: "you are, however, the representative of the city council. I therefore expect them to treat the SPD city council faction in the same way as other factions in the city council in terms of time."
Both manfred hummer and sebastian korber reacted to this with annoyance. "I object to this. What buttner writes is not true", says hummer. As the head of the SPD parliamentary group, he had submitted a motion on the city council's rules of procedure at the aforementioned council meeting. With the intention of listening to the korber report before deciding on further awards for the city hall renovation. Buttner then said that no new information was available. To which he, hummer, replied: "let's ask korber ourselves."
"Exposing" sebastian korber finds that reiner buttner analyzes a mail traffic that is two weeks old and concerns contents that are not addressed to him. "I can understand that the SPD faction wanted to defend their OB, but these are just storm fires", korber told the FT on wednesday morning. In the afternoon, he then wrote in a public e-mail to reiner buttner: "obviously, you are deliberately mixing up aspects that i cannot leave uncommented on."
it was he, buttner, who had spoken at the council meeting that there was "no new information" give. "Where you got this assessment from is beyond me, since I hadn't even gotten a word in edgewise at that point.", writes korber. And stresses, concerning the hummer statement: "only in the further course of the meeting, colleague hummer has informed that he also has new insights through an e-mail, which has not come from me."

Why buttner didn't get an email

in his letter of yesterday, korber also explains to the SPD faction leader buttner, for whom his mail of 18. May was thought: "the mail was addressed to the oberburg mayor, as well as to all requesting faction chairmen and should clarify whether the requestors are satisfied with the implementation of the request, i.E. The report form, and how this was to be understood. This is about formalities and not about content. This motion was not introduced by the SPD group, which is why they were not contacted here. I therefore cannot understand your 'astonishment and exaltation'."
in the last few weeks, he has spent about 30 hours in his free time sifting through files and documents, sums up sebastian korber. "I have made notes on this, which is very time-consuming, since I am not allowed to copy anything."
the "final report he will present in the next city council meeting, announced Sebastian Korber.

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