Sabine seitz back in kleinsendelbach for the last eleven months of the election period

Due to the resignation of councillor klothilde walsch (UWG), a seat in the kleinsendelbach council became vacant. Sabine seitz (UWG) is the reprinter. The new municipal councilor was ceremoniously sworn into office.

Mayor gertrud werner (UWG) thanked sabine seitz for her willingness to accept the office and to work with her in the eleven months until the next municipal elections. Werner emphasized that even in the last phase of the election period, a large number of important decisions were still to be made.

Mayor werner again accepted the application for the erection of a sight and wind protection wall in the "sud-ost" construction area on the agenda. An application for this has already been rejected. Specifically, the applicants plan to erect a stone wall on their property along the southern and eastern property lines. This should be about 30 centimeters thick, 1.80 meters high and five meters long with a distance to the property line of 50 centimeters. The development plan stipulates that enclosures are to be mesh fences with a maximum height of one meter.

"Black buildings approved"

Different opinions clashed in the discussion. Municipal councillor carmen wartenfelser (UWG) criticized: "we have already approved so many black buildings in recent years. " "why do we make development plans at all, if no one sticks to them?? Then we let everyone build wildly, as they liked, and wait to see what comes out of it", second mayor josef elsinger (UWG) said.

Local councillor armin fuchs (UWG) declared: "as a neighbor, i would not tolerate such a wall on my property under any circumstances." however, should the neighbors approve the project with their signatures, he, as a member of the municipal council, would agree to the project, since the decision would lie with the district administration office anyway.

Bitter aftertaste

As an alternative, some rates could also imagine the cancellation of the development plan. A bitter taste was left in the mouth of some council members, however, because of the effort and expense involved in drawing up development plans. The council decided to approve the project on the condition that all neighbors agree in writing.

As part of the procurement of a new TSF vehicle for the schellenberg fire department, the installation of a new sectional door in the fire station is necessary. The council unanimously approved the project.

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