Rough coalition? Hollein is skeptical

Rough coalition? Hollein is skeptical

Carsten hollein, district chairman of coburg-land, had to concede that his party "despite a high level of commitment in the election campaign" had lost a lot of votes – has not achieved its goal, namely to put the federal government under the leadership of peer steinbruck. But in the region, in view of the difficult starting position that existed for the SPD after the withdrawal of the already nominated carl-christian dressel, one could still be "satisfied" its. Because: "norbert tessmer got the best first-vote result of all SPD candidates in bavaria. We can build on this!"

With a view to berlin, carsten hollein states unequivocally: "angela merkel has received a clear government mandate from the voters. It is therefore on the train to conduct appropriate negotiations and language."

Hollein also admits that he is not a fan of a grand coalition between the union and the SPD: "in a democracy, that should be the exception and not the rule." but so far there is "no sign that there is a desire for SPD participation in the government". In hollein’s opinion, the social democrats should "think very carefully about whether to take up offers from mrs. Merkel". Because, as the experience of 2009 had shown, the voters had "the courage to take responsibility for the SPD" not honored.

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