Recognition for achievements on very different levels

Recognition for achievements on very different levels

At the royal dinner of the schutzengesellschaft neuensorg, the focus was on honoring long-serving members. In addition, chairman manfred drebel used the event to express broad recognition.

This made it clear that the chairman felt that the atmosphere in the association was right and that the members were sticking together. He believes that this support for his work and the work of the entire board will continue to be necessary, because the members are planning to build an archery course in the adjacent forest.

"We hope that the course can be inaugurated in spring at the latest", according to the chairman. Archery is becoming increasingly popular, and not only at SG neuensorg. More and more clubs are founding their own departments and are trying to offer the most attractive facilities possible.

Association to feel good

Gauschutzenmeister klaus jentsch was pleased to present the honors of the bayerischer sportschutzenbund (BSSB) and once again to be a guest in neuensorg. "You are one of the clubs where you feel good", he praised.

Jentsch made it clear that an honor is also to be seen as a merit for an achievement, whether it is due to many years of loyalty or through special commitment to voluntary club work or even through outstanding sporting successes. He is sure that the members of the SG neuensorg are happy to be involved and to remain loyal, because in his opinion the climate and the cohesion in the association are good. Andreas claviez received the honorary badge and certificate for 40 years of loyalty from the district's master fireman. For 50 years this went to angela hofmann, ulrike grabmuck and ulrich fischer and in absence to Gerald Kretz and Walter Stephan.

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