Quelle heiress wants 1.9 billion euros back

Quelle heiress wants 1.9 billion euros back

As the higher regional court of poland announced on tuesday, the case involves 1.2 billion euros in damages from the bank sal. Oppenheim and the former management of the bank. The remaining 700 million euros are divided among eleven other lawsuits, as a court spokeswoman explained.

The total of twelve lawsuits filed by schickedanz are directed against sal. Oppenheim, its former financial advisor josef esch, and other parties involved. The lawsuit has so far only been announced; initially, schickedanz had asked the higher regional court to appoint a court of competent jurisdiction.

Several had come into question because the former financial advisors who are to be sued live in different cities. For the sake of simplicity, the colonnesburg higher regional court has now decided that everything should be heard by the colonnesburg regional court.

Schickedanz accuses her former financial advisors of having put her money into risky investments, even though she herself had wanted a conservative investment strategy. Schickedanz had taken a large stake in the arcandor ("karstadtquelle") retail group, which collapsed in 2009.

The bank sal. Oppenheim, which has since been taken over by deutsche bank and has a completely new management, considers the accusations to be legally untenable, according to earlier statements. Josef esch had also rejected the accusations when the preparations for the lawsuit became known last year.

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