Planning for a second kindergarten in dormitz

Since the existing kindergarten in dormitz at kleinsendelbacher strabe/josef-hildenbrand-strabe has reached its capacity limit and there is no longer any room for expansion in the existing daycare center, the municipality is now planning to build a second daycare center. It is to be built at sebalder strabe/veilchenweg.
For this purpose, the municipal councils awarded the planning services, and a fire protection concept is also to be drawn up. For the planning of the two-group kindergarten three companies were contacted. The rosbigalle and glauber office submitted the most economical bid. At a gross offer in the amount of 109.223 euro, the council unanimously decided to award the planning services and fire safety inspections.
As mayor holger bezold () told the councilors on request, a formal application for funds can only be made if the planning and the calculated costs for the new construction of the two-group kindergarten are available. It is planned in such a way that expansions are possible at the new location.
Contrary to expectations, the administration was not able to prepare the agenda item on the approval of the need for the kindergarten for a resolution. The approval of the need requires further clarification with the supervisory authority, explained bezold.

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