Parking spaces are to become more expensive – “backertaste” on the prufstein

Parking spaces are to become more expensive - 'backertaste' on the prufstein

Bernhard panzer the corona pandemic and its effects on the economy do not stop in herzogenaurach either. For the next city budget, mayor german hacker has already announced that the city will "consolidate hard" must. Will heiben: the red pencil must be applied in different areas more strongly.

For hacker in this context is clear that the so-called "backer" button must be put to the test. This refers to the first half hour on the public parking lots, which the city has so far offered free of charge – and thus so far does more than many other municipalities.

150000 euro given away

This free offer could be eliminated in the future, mutmabt hacker with a view to the budget 2021. After all, the city is giving away 150,000 euros a year. In view of the financial losses to be expected as a result of the corona crisis, hacker asks whether this offer is firstly efficient and secondly still really necessary: "does it still have to be?" the money could be saved by the town or invested in local public transport, says the mayor. "The administration must make proposals for consolidation", says hacker with a view to the coming budget year. And there will also be the "backer button" on the table.

But the city council will have to make the decision. The topic of parking in the city center has been a popular topic of debate for years. This decision also comes earliest in the budget deliberations.

Already, however, another decision is about to be. Also the has to do with parking and with savings. For as early as next week, the main and finance committee is to follow a proposal by the city administration to make parking on the vast majority of flat spaces more expensive. For the half hour, ten cents more are to be charged, i.E. 50 instead of 40 cents and 60 instead of 50 cents for the previous amounts. The backer button is not to be touched for the time being, the first half hour remains free of charge for the time being.

The reason for the decrease is the fact that, as a result of the new tax law, the municipalities will be. January 2021 to have to pay sales tax for certain services. According to the city administration, this relates to those parking areas that are not part of the "road" are. Of the approximately 385 parking spaces for which a fee is charged, around 350 are affected, it is reported.

In principle, according to the administration, there are now two possible variants for meeting this need. The city does not change anything and introduces the 19-percent sales tax from the existing amounts. That meant that instead of 170,000 euros in revenue, only 143,000 euros remained. Or the city passes the tax on to the customers or parking lot users, as is the case in the private sector. This resulted in the half-hourly increase of ten cents. Long-term parking permits have also become more expensive: from 15 to 18 and from 35 to 42 euros, respectively.

Mayor hacker and his administration propose this variant, also in view of the upcoming consolidation decreases. The main and finance committee will deal with the matter next thursday (from 6 p.M.).

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