Yesterday’s snow

The weather has always been good for describing (local) political events as pictorially as possible. For example, there is sometimes a frosty climate between individual city council factions and occasionally also for critical reporters.

There may also be contemporaries for whom the allowance scandal or election mailings have long been yesterday's snow, which has dissolved into nothingness by the weekend's thaw and constant rain. Who has also kept completely dry fube in the subsequent flood is not yet determined at this point in time, however. As always, when snow melts, new, unsavory legacies or unsolved problems can come to light. But the mild temperatures of the coming days could perhaps also contribute to the growth of a bit of grass over some unpleasant things.


New exhibition shows michael schneeberger’s life’s work

new exhibition shows michael schneeberger's life's work

Michael schneeberger from kitzingen has made a name for himself as a meticulous tracker of jewish history in his hometown, the district of kitzingen, in lower franconia and even in bavaria. An exhibition in the old synagogue presented by the forderverein alte synagoge kitzingen in cooperation with the johanna stahl center in wurzburg presents the life’s work of schneeberger (1949-2014) and shows his development. The exhibition was opened on 21. European day of judaic culture opened and is still open until the 27th. September on view daily from 10 a.M. To 5 p.M.

At the opening ceremony, around 50 participants learned how schneeberger came into contact with judaism and tirelessly traveled in jewish footsteps throughout the region. The chairman of the forderverein, margret lother, emphasized that the work of the tracker, who was one of the founders of the forderverein, has always resulted in new connections to living witnesses and their descendants all over the world.


“It was a very instructive time”

Kitzingen how could it be otherwise?? Their last working day was ash wednesday. Daniela sandner has left kitzingen after eight years. As the director of the carnival museum for many years, she played a key role in shaping the institution in luitpoldstrabe. Now she is looking for a new professional challenge in munich.

Do you still remember your first day in kitzingen??


Egloffstein to shine brighter in the future

Egloffstein to shine brighter in the future

Three employees from the municipal utility company in forchheim came to show the market town council in egloffstein the "forchheimer weg" to explain. He sees such an activity as a holistic affair, said reinhold postler, technical director of the tram lighting division.

This means: first of all an as-is condition must be determined. From this follows the priorities, which are ranked according to urgency, and future plans. After all, the street lamps should not be left to their own devices, but should be maintained regularly.


The last shave: jesus at the barber shop

The last shave: jesus at the barber shop

The knife glides gently across the cheek. For the last time for one and a half years. Jesus – or rather his double double – has started his last shave: frederik mayet and rochus ruckel will take turns playing christus at the passion in oberammergau next year.

Hair and beard decree comes into effect on ash wednesday. The jesus performers like about 2400 other oberammergauer – almost half of the inhabitants – were then no longer allowed to cut their hair and beard. They all play along with passion.


When egloffstein ignited the turbo

50 years ago there was a spirit of optimism in egloffstein. At that time, the municipality repaved numerous roads, plans were underway for a wildlife park in hundshaupten, and the castle concerts celebrated their 20th anniversary.

But before all this could happen, another social event was the center of interest: on 7. January 1970, mayor and county councilman hans daut celebrated his 50th birthday in the hall of the BDK house (sozialwerk bund deutscher kriegsopfer). Birthday. Daut, a member of the town council since 1952, demanded as mayor that egloffstein be qualified as a climatic health resort in 1958. In 1959 egloffstein was also awarded the pradikat "markt" (market) on its own initiative awarded". The road problems were largely solved. "The arlesbrunnenstrabe and the paradiesweg are still missing and will be paved in 1970", daut pledged at the castle meeting.


Blaservereinigung and musikverein rock together

Blaservereinigung and musikverein rock together

Two music clubs join forces, practice and then give a concert together. The blaservereinigung markt burkardroth and the musikverein schondra took a chance. Under the motto "pop and rock pieces by simon& garfunkel, elton john, michael jackson, adele, robbie williams and queen. 75 musicians were on stage. What they and their musical director, thomas reub, offered was inspiring and driving.

The idea for this concert came from the schondra music society, which for the fourth time organized a musical event around a specific theme and chose the concert literature accordingly. "The idea of giving a joint concert with the brass band association came to us because both bands have the same conductor, thomas reub", the chairman of the schondra music association, hubert schmitt, explained the project. "Also, because we wanted to try out, how it sounds, if one forms a rough klangkorper." besides, one could complement each other and compensate for possible weaknesses. "We are well staffed with the tenor horns, but we are missing the trumpets", added schmitt.


Dispute among female colleagues leads to court martial

dispute among female colleagues leads to court martial

Not every workplace has a harmonious working relationship. But in rather rare cases the bad mood between work colleagues escalates dermaben that the police and public prosecutor’s office come into play. At the youngest hearing before the district court in the county town, one could experience what is known in the country as a "catfight" is described. The trial of a 34-year-old accused of calling a female colleague a "slut" the woman, who had called her a name and spat at her, was suspended, but she must pay a fine of 150 euros.

The unpleasant drama took place in the afternoon of the 28th. August of last year in a store in the main valley from. Around 3 p.M., a young saleswoman (21) appeared to relieve the defendant at the cash register. In the run-up to the incident, the young saleswoman had heard from a third party that the defendant had spoken badly about her behind her back and had bullied her in this way. Among other things, the 21-year-old said on the witness stand, she had learned that the accused had said about her that she would act like a boss.


Manhole covers simply stay on in hiltpoltstein

manhole covers simply stay on in hiltpoltstein

The B2 through hiltpoltstein is rehabilitated. But before that happens, hiltpoltstein has to "do its homework. These are: rehabilitation of the channel at necessary places.

In addition to minor renovation work and repairs, the canal in the B 2 was to be renovated in particular. Especially during heavy rainfall events, manhole covers were more likely to be blown up. These existing hydraulic problems were to be eliminated by changing the pipe diameter from the current DN 300 to DN 400 and up to DN 700.