Numerous thieves were out and about in bamberg over the weekend

The list of theft offenses in the bamberg police report is exceptionally long this time.
First, a 25-year-old man was observed by the store detective of a department store in the city center on friday afternoon, when the thief stole two perfumes worth 217.98 euros. When he was handed over to the police, his new black coat pocket and new sunglasses caught their eye. The sunglasses could be quickly assigned to an optics shop at the maxplatz and returned. In front of the door of the optics store, the police even found the label to the glasses. The question now is where the bag came from. The police inspection bamberg-city can show the envelope bag and asks: which store in the city carries black envelope bags in the assortment?
In the second case of theft, a 28-year-old man was observed in a supermarket in the east of bamberg, selecting shaving foam, wet razors and after-shave worth 23.47 euros, and wanted to take them away without paying for them.
Clothes and shoes were taken by a shoplifter who visited the branch of a discount store late on a saturday afternoon. The thief used the separate entrance to the market to flee to the outside without paying. The clothes worth 38.76 euros he had stowed in a plastic bag from the market, which was also not paid for. The 25-year-old man was apprehended by bamberg police shortly after he fled during the manhunt.
At the "green market in another case, merchandise was stolen from a store stand. So far, unknown perpetrators of the robbery had been able to steal a car in the period from friday evening, 7 p.M., to saturday morning. 8.30 o'clock, several boxes of dried fruit and bananas and grapes stolen. Witnesses are asked to report to the police.
A 54-year-old man known to the police stole a 54.99-euro perfume from a department store in the city center at 6 p.M. On saturday evening. The man had run out of the store and had given the perfume back to the store detective when he stopped him. He then continued to flee into the underground car park at maximiliansplatz. The police patrols searched for the fugitive and were able to locate him. While processing the case, the man also insulted the four police officers.
The shoplifters are reported for the theft offenses, and the offenses are reported separately to the prosecutor's office. 

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