Manhole covers simply stay on in hiltpoltstein

manhole covers simply stay on in hiltpoltstein

The B2 through hiltpoltstein is rehabilitated. But before that happens, hiltpoltstein has to "do its homework. These are: rehabilitation of the channel at necessary places.

In addition to minor renovation work and repairs, the canal in the B 2 was to be renovated in particular. Especially during heavy rainfall events, manhole covers were more likely to be blown up. These existing hydraulic problems were to be eliminated by changing the pipe diameter from the current DN 300 to DN 400 and up to DN 700.

In the mouth of the canal were then connected to the existing lines. 400,000 euros was mentioned as the total for all the work in the cost survey and the demands were determined. "There are demands for stops that are being rehabilitated. Repairs are not required", explains henrik mayer, the construction engineer of the administrative community in grafenberg.

146 000 euro more

The market receives 540 euros per meter. 2700 euro costs this meter, if it is reorganized. On the basis of the cost calculation was then gone into depth, and as a result, 146 000 euros of additional costs come together. After deduction of the demand funds, the market of hiltpoltstein is left with an own contribution of 293,000 euros.

Because of the increased costs, mayor gisela schulze-bauer (bfh) wanted to bring this back to the council for discussion. "To eliminate the danger zone during heavy rains", should the sewer be rehabilitated. So gisela geldner () explained the considerations that the old board had made. There were already discussions about this in the previous legislative period.

"The canal itself is in good condition. We are talking about 300,000 euros. There are other ways to keep the lid on it. Until the claim is due, the state no longer has so much money and we have other tasks", explained gerhard leistner (CSU). The mayor agreed, saying that other financial dimensions were now being discussed.

"We had the information that they would not start with the expansion until we had done our homework", threw in geldner. And these were: rehabilitation of the canal.

Gisela schulze-bauer answered the question in the negative, saying it was not an urgent rehabilitation project. Above all, the proposed solution would only be effective if the street on the floor was also connected. But the road had only just been rehabilitated and would remain closed for the next few decades.

Problem solved long ago

Henrik mayer also confirmed that no canal in hiltpoltstein is in danger. "It hasn’t been a problem for years that it lifts the lid when it rains", said third mayor ralf scharrer (CSU). Stefan windisch (CSU) also confirmed that the problem has probably been solved for seven years now.

Cause identified

The fact that the sewer lid was under pressure was probably due to the back hill from which the surface water ran down. "This has collided. But since the back hill was fixed, nothing has happened", stressed windisch.

There have also been no more problems in the school street since then. This was also remedied with the rehabilitation.

"We have already done a lot of homework and should tackle urgent repairs in the course of the B2 road rehabilitation, but we should not spend so much money", fugued windisch. Even if repairs were not required, they were a must. In contrast to the channel in the B 2.

No need for decades

In view of the fact that success with the B2 would only be visible in combination with a reduction of the road in the canal, which would be reopened in ten years at the earliest, bernd maderer (bfh) also advocated the other possibility of fixing the canal cover. The acceptance test has now been postponed.

The defective pipelines and necessary mabnahme for surface water disposal should be repaired and relocated. The construction office was commissioned to compile the tree removals and determine their costs.

Do not wait long

However, eon and telecom should start their work so that it does not take another five years for the state construction agency to start rehabilitating the federal highway.

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