Longer forced pause

"My yard and your yard heibt der landliche schwank in drei akten, die die theatergruppe des radfahrvereins concordia altenkunstadt im marz viermal auffuhrte wollte. But then came covid-19 and the compulsory ordinances issued by the bavarian state government. "For months we have learned and rehearsed and one day before the premiere we had to cancel everything", regrets ensemble director petra maile.

The hope of the actors to be able to make up for the performance in the fall is not fulfilled. "We don’t know how the corona pandemic will develop and what kind of conditions we might have to face", means RVC chairman hans werner shoemaker. But even for the next regular play date in the spring of 2021, a performance of the bauernschwank would not be possible, since the extensive renovation of the basic school gymnasium is expected to begin in december. The work will take about a year to complete.

Ticket printing possible

Who for the stucco "my yard and your yard" if you have purchased tickets, you can return them to the farm store schuster (langheimer strabe 43) and get your money back. The ensemble hopes that the fans will remain loyal to the group.

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