Leutenbacher burgers want information on flood protection and village shop

Leutenbacher burgers want information on flood protection and village shop

In leutenbach, the turnout for the town hall meeting at the drummer inn was remarkably large. Mayor florian kraft () also spoke about flood protection – a topic that primarily affects the citizens of mittelehrenbach, leutenbach and kirchehrenbach. One listener complained that the flood problem was not being properly addressed. Florian kraft referred to ongoing discussions and plans that have already been commissioned. Local councilor raimund dorfler (wve) referred to the missed opportunity to deal with the issue of flooding in mittelehrenbach and leutenbach as part of a land consolidation project. Both towns rejected the land consolidation earlier and dropped out.

What about the village store?

In the lively debate, one listener wanted to know how the village store was doing. According to burgermeister kraft, the municipality bought the volksbank building in leutenbach about three years ago with the goal of establishing a village store there. In addition, the facade with 18.000 euro renewed. The floor was renewed in the area of the store and a ramp was created. A prospective buyer of the store received a rental contract for the business premises and the hall at favorable conditions. After the tenant has already called an opening date several times and let it pass, the majority demanded that the municipality set a deadline for the contract to be reviewed, if necessary. Another construction site means the old, empty kramer property around the town center. Here the municipality is in discussion regarding an urban development requirement. Concrete plans and ideas do not yet exist.

It was criticized that in leutenbach the youth work is not demanded enough and also no report of a youth representative is to be seen. Here, community councilor raimund dorfler responded. He said that there is care in the kindergarten and afternoon care in the school. In addition, associations such as the fire department and sports club offer further opportunities.

Released on two days

Mayor kraft is gaining his experience in the municipal council in the first election period and is released from his job on mondays and tuesdays for municipal work. "You could use all the days of the week for this office", is his resume. He describes the cooperation in the council as well as in the administrative community of kirchehrenbach as constructive and pleasant. Space is to be created in the kindergarten for a second group of children, and a cafeteria is to be added. At the end of march, the architect presents the plans to the community council. The number of students in the elementary school is stable. Rough investments are in the pipeline at the kirchehrenbach school association for the school building and gymnasium. Of 87 children, 13 come from leutenbach. The municipal water supply stands on three separate pillars. A unit includes leutenbach, ortspitz and seidmar, an ober- and mittelehrenbach and an independent dietzhof. It is fed exclusively from wells, which can be a problem in dry years like 2018. An association management, demanded by the state, could stabilize the situation.


For those interested, the date of a forest walk on the 8. March at 4 p.M. Called. Topic is the natural rejuvenation. Meeting place is the sport home reuth with the continuation in the leutenbacher forest.


Mayor kraft had presented the statistics for the municipality at the beginning of the meeting. Here are the most important figures. Inhabitants: the community paid in 2018 a total of 1730 inhabitants with the coarse village of leutenbach and 652 inhabitants. There were twelve marriages, 15 births and 15 deaths. Trades: seven trades were registered and eleven trades were deregistered. A total of 136 businesses are registered, 41 of which pay business tax. School: 56 children from leutenbach and 58 from kunreuth attend the ehrenburg elementary school in mittelehrenbach. 46 children use the lunchtime supervision. Finances: the municipality is debt-free and has assets of 1.9 million euros. Last year, tax revenue fell by five percent. Thus the municipality slipped from 6th to 12th place in the county.

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