Kunick honorary member of the reading club

With gottfried kunick, the number of honorary members in the reading club has risen to 13. At the annual general meeting, he received his certificate of appointment from chairman friedrich ubelhack, who was unanimously confirmed in office for a further three years.
A special honor was bestowed on willy scherr. The latter joined the association 60 years ago. Scherr's commitment during half a century of active board work and the organization of social life was praised by the chairman.
With pictures, the chairman brought back memories of the winter program with weekly changing speakers.
In his statistics ubelhack referred to 1088 listeners at 25 events. After six deaths and two new registrations, the community is on the verge of 155. Association year 143 members.
Mayor michael keilich (CSU) praised the cultivation of cultural heritage – which has long since ceased to be limited to reading a daily newspaper together. He went on to remodel "aging rooms" approved by the municipal council and assortment adjustment of the "volksbucherei", which is also looked after by the reading club in the burger center a. Last but not least, the financial claim in the five-digit range by the bavarian bookstore association contributes to the relief of the municipal treasury, explained keilich with satisfaction. The centrally located store is to be open by april at the latest, with a newly stocked range of products. Then there will be books, horbooks, games and electronic media, along with a specially designed "cuddle corner available for children at different opening hours.

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