Kolner “tatort” has to make room for gunther jauch

Kolner 'tatort' has to make room for gunther jauch

The new "crime scene from poland was originally scheduled for 15. December to go on the air – but not at 8:15 p.M. As usual, but only at 10 p.M. Reason for transfer to late-night program: some scenes are too tough for prime time. Now "franziska" will but aired four weeks later. Commissioners ballauf and schenk have to make room for gunther jauch, because on the 15th of this month. December the SPD will announce the result of their member vote on the grand coalition. This means that the broadcasting slot for the "tatort" will be used up the WDR announced. Originally jauch had had a break from broadcasting that evening.

Three follow ups with the "tatort-commissioners max ballauf and freddy schenk can be found here

Director dror zahavi had already criticized the broadcast at late hour a few months ago. The film was neither bloody nor violent. "It seems to me that not always with equal mab is measured. On every other channel, the film had also been shown at 8:15 p.M.", he told the "bild am sonntag" at the time. The crime thriller is the last case with tessa mittelstaedt (39) as assistant.

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