Katharina schulze explains the green policy in rottenbach

Katharina schulze explains the green policy in rottenbach

Under the motto "let’s talk about the future, let’s act courageously" katharina schulze, the parliamentary group leader of the grunes in the bavarian state parliament, gave about 60 listeners an insight into grune politics on thursday evening at the hotel krebs in rottenbach. "Especially in times of constant change, be it through digitalization or the ever-widening gap between rich and poor, we need to know that we are not at the mercy of change, but that we can influence it through politics", schulze emphasized at the beginning.

She cited climate protection as one of the party’s broad goals. "It is high time we took our responsibility seriously and reduced our carbon footprint", she made clear. "I would like us to prove to future generations that we have taken action on climate protection and have not stood idly by." she calls for a solar offensive and the abolition of the 10-H-regulation for wind turbines, so that renewable energies can be pushed forward. In terms of mobility, the greens rely on convenient, affordable and reliable services. The "green mobility guarantee wants to simplify mobility for everyone – also in the countryside – and include transport concepts such as car sharing and ride-sharing to a greater extent.

Looking ahead to the elections in thuringia, schulze stressed that her party wanted to strengthen democracy. "Never again" was not just a phrase, but a clear appeal for decisive joint action against right-wing extremism, which they would like to see given a higher priority already in school.

Following her impassioned speech, schulze took questions from the audience on e-mobility, opnv fares and a ban on the afd, concluding with her political motto: "you can’t make the world a better place, you have to make it a better place."

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