“It was a very instructive time”

Kitzingen how could it be otherwise?? Their last working day was ash wednesday. Daniela sandner has left kitzingen after eight years. As the director of the carnival museum for many years, she played a key role in shaping the institution in luitpoldstrabe. Now she is looking for a new professional challenge in munich.

Do you still remember your first day in kitzingen??

Sandner: I remember having doubts about whether I was the right person for the job. 2012 the new concept for the museum was put out to tender and an exhibition agency was commissioned with it. New employees were needed and i was asked. Until then I had no relation to carnival at all. I was something of a carnival muffin.

That has changed?

Sandner: of course. Over the years, I have met so many people who have dedicated themselves to this cultural asset with a great deal of heart and commitment. This impressed me again and again.

They have remained in the carnival museum even after the new conception.

Sandner: yes, first as a research assistant and from 2014 as head of the team.

A rough step?

Sandner: at 28, i was relatively young for such a position, but i knew the people involved. That helped me.

Why did you decide to do this work?

Sandner: because i found the concept super exciting. Presenting a collection that has grown since the 1960s in a new museum – that’s something special.

Especially since the stock has continued to grow.

Sandner: yes, this part of the work was also naturally already. To sift through new donations and purchases and thus to conceive special exhibitions again and again.

They also had to turn down offers?

Sandner: again and again, of course that is not easy. But in the meantime we have stopped accepting orders because we already have tens of thousands in our depot. We also reject traditional costumes or other objects that are "far removed" from the collection. We are a museum for carnival, carnival and fastnacht.

What is the focus of your work??

Sandner: the most important thing was and is always the operational business. We have groups of visitors all year round, and they have to be looked after in the best possible way. So we need good support, active guest guides and, of course, a varied exhibition.

All this was not present in 2012.

Sandner: the closure of the falterturm was a turning point for kitzingen. After that we started from scratch. But this was also a chance for me. I have grown with the museum and can now say that I have developed both professionally and personally in kitzingen. Now it’s kind of fair that I go too.


Sandner: let’s put it this way: i leave with a good conscience. My successor can build on structures that have grown up and develop his own style. I am 34 years young. So a career change still makes sense.

Where will you work in the future??

Sandner: as a consultant in the bavarian state association for the preservation of local history. It has more than 8000 members. Among other things, I will be responsible for press and public relations.

Will you miss kitzingen?

Sandner: certainly. I have met so many interesting and likeable people here, I have always had the support of the board, and I have grown fond of the city and the region. It was a very instructive time here.

What have you learned above all?

Sandner: being spontaneous and flexible. Time and time again it was: "watch out, BR will be here in five minutes, why don’t you give us a quick interview?. Of course I was also the contact person when the heating failed or there was no paper left in the printer. And at conferences, I’ve been in a room with 300 carnival participants. After that, nothing can faze you (laughs).

Is kitzingen a good location for cultural institutions?

Sandner: there are so many initiatives and offers here. Kitzingen has a very rough potential culturally. The visions on the part of the city have been lacking in the last few years.

Have the people of kitzingen accepted the carnival museum??

Sandner: we pay around 6000 visitors a year, so there’s still room for improvement. The fewest of them come from kitzingen and the immediate vicinity. Of course, it would be nice if this would change in the future.

That’s why her successor will worry. Is it already fixed?

Sandner: the application discussions are underway, I am sure that we will find a very good successor.

To whom or which you wish?

Sandner: that it continues as well as before – possibly even better.

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