Investigations into crimes in the bamberg district: is there a solid trail??

It was the early morning of the 13th. June, when first a bang was heard in stadelhofen and then the siren sounded. Unknowns had voted against 4.20 o'clock the cash machine blown up. They then fled with loot in the mid-figures. Witnesses had seen two mannerists driving away on a motor scooter, the scooter was then found in the solar park on the neighboring A70 motorway.

And here the kripo bamberg sees rough parallels to an almost identical incident, which had happened only weeks before at almost the same time in bayreuth: "it is about the same modus operandi", explains alexander czech, spokesman for the police prasidium of upper franconia. Two men had also tried to blow up an ATM with gas and later fled on a scooter. "Currently, the connections with this case are being examined." otherwise applies: the investigations continue to run.

Worse prevented

This also applies to a no less sensational case that had occurred almost exactly one month earlier in strullendorf. At that time, the fire department had to fight the meter-high flames on the land of the logistics company massak until deep into the night. The fire brigade just managed to prevent the flames from spreading to the adjacent warehouse.

Nevertheless, four trucks and a van burned out completely. According to company boss werner massak, there has also been damage to the building due to the intense heat. The damage thus amounts to over 750.000 euros. It will be some time before the vehicles are replaced. In the meantime, the company can continue to use the trucks of the neighboring forwarding company.

Left-wing extremist arson attack?

It quickly became clear to the police after the fire that it was intentional arson. After all, the vehicles were so far away from each other that the flames could not have easily jumped from one truck to the other. But at least officially nothing is known about who could be behind the act. Investigations in all directions. Massak still can not make sense of it: "this came out of the blue."

The police also searched for three possible witnesses who had been seen that night, but they had neither come forward nor had any information been received about them, explains anne hofer of the police prasidium.

One trail apparently continues to lead to the left-wing extremist scene: a few days after the fire, an ominous letter of confession appeared on the internet, initially on the left-wing website "indymedia". There again and again supposedly autonomous groups, under the cover of anonymity, boast that a vehicle belonging to a "jailhouse profiteer" was involved has burned in munich, berlin or leipzig. They seem to use violence against companies that do business with captives for political reasons. As a "prison profiteer the massak company is also referred to in the letter. This is because the company supplies correctional facilities with goods. It is unclear, however, whether the confessors were actually behind the crime or only claimed it for themselves. Investigations in connection with the letter are also still ongoing.

Massak has drawn the consequences: the company, together with the neighboring companies, has set up a guard service that patrols the area around the clock.

Ongoing investigation in bamberg:

Jeweler's burglary it was a spectacular act in the middle of bamberg at the green market: in the early morning hours of the 14. In january, unknown persons had crashed a stolen car into the floor-to-ceiling window of a jewelry store and stolen millions of euros worth of jewelry and watches. Thereupon the burglars fled with a stolen mazda CX5 first in the hainstrabe. There they love the car and drove presumably with another stolen mazda via strullendorf to hirschaid, where three of the presumably four manner were on the platform and at least one of them got on the train in the direction of nurnberg, witnesses had observed. Officially, this is still the state of the investigation.

Acid attack a 65-year-old woman became the victim of an attack with a corrosive liquid at the beginning of march. The incident occurred at the grunen markt in bamberg. The investigation is being conducted by the bavarian central office for combating extremism and terrorism (ZET), as an anti-semitic background is not ruled out. "So far, no findings have been made in this regard. But investigations continue in all directions", communicates the ZET. The prosecutor general's office expects another two months of investigation. According to the police, the 65-year-old woman was in front of her house on the green market at around 10 p.M. When an unknown man attacked her from behind and knocked her over with a sour cream. The man could flee afterwards. Passers-by discovered the injured woman and alerted an ambulance. The ambulance took the woman, who had suffered injuries to her body, to a hospital.

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