“I am always with you”

"I am always with you" – petra irmscher has had these words tattooed on her upper arm together with a portrait of her son. This tattoo – and the story behind it – can be seen at the exhibition "mourning tattoos – our skin as a landscape of feelings", who will play until the 5. April in the foyer of the state vocational school is to be seen.

Grief is always looking for new ways to express itself and these ways evolve with the changing times. So the trend of using our skin as a mirror of our lives is also used to carry our memories of a loved one with us forever – not invisibly in our hearts, but visibly for everyone to see. Based on the illustrated book "mourning tattoos – emotional landscapes an exhibition was conceived and on 22 canvases grieving people tell about their feelings and their motivation to get a "memory tattoo" to have it engraved.

Sometimes this tattoo uber clearly shows the connection to the deceased partner or to a child killed in an accident through the name or a portrait, sometimes it is just stars or tranes, which refer to the suicide of a loved one. On the canvases, not only the tattoos can be seen in a coarse way. In a short text the connection to the death is explained and the meaning of the deceased for the "living on" clarifies.

The impressive exhibition was conceived by the curatorium of german funeral culture and is loaned to member companies by the federal association of german morticians. Since the state vocational school in bad kissingen is the central training center for around 300 budding funeral professionals, the idea of presenting the exhibition in the school’s rooms at seestrabe 11 in the garitz district was an obvious one. The exhibition will be on display until 5. April is presented in the foyer of the vocational school and is open to the public. So not only can the nearly 1600 vocational students get a glimpse of special circumstances, but everyone who is interested in "mourning tattoos" can get a glimpse of what it’s like to be a part of the team and interested in the story behind it, is very welcome. Opening hours are from monday to friday, from 8 a.M. To 4 p.M.

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