Hofer goes berserk at kulmbach train station

Hofer goes berserk at kulmbach train station

The prosecutor spoke of a "completely senseless and senseless act". One witness still suffers immensely from the consequences today. Nevertheless, the perpetrator got off with a three-month suspended sentence and 100 hours of community service.

Extensive drinking tour

The defendant was a 55-year-old man from the vicinity of hof. The trained painter was on an extensive drinking tour through several kulmbach pubs in september 2017 and wanted to return to hof in the early morning. At kulmbach train station, he went completely berserk, ripped a barrier post out of its anchorage with brute force and smashed a glass door with it.

The saleswoman, who was opening the kiosk at 5 o'clock, was scared to death. She had seen the accused hanging around the train station several times before. The 53-year-old woman understood first the police, then her husband. He was immediately on the spot and found his wife in a miserable condition. Without further ado, he locked up the store and drove the woman to the hospital.

Witness was dismissed without notice

"Thereupon i got the notice without notice", the witness said under her breath. In the courtroom, this caused general astonishment. "You can't do anything about it, said judge sieglinde tettmann. Prosecutor jochen gotz said to the defendant: "there you see what you have done."

Damage paid

The accused had admitted his freak-out. He had also already paid the 862.09 euros in damage to the glass tower and the post from his last savings and had transferred the money to the railroad company. Why he had acted in such a way, he did not know at all more. The judge wanted to know if he had really been completely drunk. The husband answered honestly: "you can say that."

The defendant had three previous convictions. For drunkenness he was sentenced once to a fine, a second time to a four-month prison term on probation. He also lost his driver's license. Because he did not fulfill the conditions of custody, he had to spend four months behind bars. The third criminal conviction was for trespassing. The man had to pay 300 euros for being at the train station without authorization.

Three months on probation

In the end, judge tettmann pronounced a three-month custodial sentence for damage to property against the defendant, just as prosecutor gotz had previously requested. She spoke of a crude act with massive consequences for the seller. The man must do an additional 100 hours of community service.



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