Herder theater group invites you on a joyride through life

Herder theater group invites you on a joyride through life

On the right edge of the stage there is a female screen on which a black and white photo is projected, of women on vespas from the 1950s. On the stage there are three chairs with side mirrors, ready for the "joyride" of schoolgirls jannika madl, anne-sophie meixner (both Q12) and stephanie treske (Q11). On their scooters they keep an eye out for men. But unfortunately the first two guys they choose are not looking for women…

The male-female relationship

"Experiences in partnership is the first act, for which the theater group of the herder high school in forchheim presents pictures scenically. The image on the screen shows how the actors open and end a scene in frozen motion. The stage set is kept simple in black, only tables and chairs are used as requisites by the 19 male and female teachers.

The pattern of a man-woman relationship: only the woman expresses her feelings and desires children from him until he consents. However, he only does this when he thinks of the cheerful kindergarten teacher and the finished dinner when he comes home from work. Or an old married couple, where the wife doesn't feel loved anymore and hopes to get her husband's attention by flirting with strangers – but of course he doesn't care. He just trusts her. These are familiar scenes for the spectators "from real life"; just like the theater stucco.

Time is precious

The texts about the value of time and technology, freely adapted from famous german poets such as michael ende and max born, are particularly thought-provoking. "If we live 70 years, that is seconds. For work, sleep and hobby, man needs 1.324.512.000 seconds." in a reckoning about time wasting, the youths show that time is precious and a non-renewable resource. From happiness to misfortune to death, the students of the theater group talk, play and dance the time of life. At the end, they thank their leader birgid zippelius-muhlrath for the numerous afternoons: "the time has paid off excellently."

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