Gremsdorf fishermen clean the banks of the river aisch

Gremsdorf fishermen clean the banks of the river aisch

Seven young fishermen and ten adult anglers from the gremsdorf fishing club met last saturday for a rough "zam rama dama", to clean the club water and the surrounding corridor once again from the mull.

At the geratehaus, gauze bags were handed out to the individual groups, and the teams set off to their sections and searched the banks of the aisch and the neighboring areas, according to a press report from the association. Fast-food packaging, cans, bottles and all kinds of other waste were picked up by the helpers.

Four coarse bags full

A total of four coarse bags of mull, old buckets and cardboard were collected and the banks of the river aisch with its adjoining meadows and paths were cleaned. The collectors noticed that mull is probably often simply thrown out of cars into nature. But also directly on the banks of the river aisch, gauze can be found that may have been left behind by walkers. The volunteers of the gremsdorf fishing club clean up the area twice a year, with the youth getting heavily involved. A small group of eager helpers also tidied up the club’s equipment hall and ensured that it was tidy and clean.

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