Egloffstein to shine brighter in the future

Egloffstein to shine brighter in the future

Three employees from the municipal utility company in forchheim came to show the market town council in egloffstein the "forchheimer weg" to explain. He sees such an activity as a holistic affair, said reinhold postler, technical director of the tram lighting division.

This means: first of all an as-is condition must be determined. From this follows the priorities, which are ranked according to urgency, and future plans. After all, the street lamps should not be left to their own devices, but should be maintained regularly.

Benjamin voth, who is responsible for calculating the brightness of the street lamps at the public utility company in forchheim, calculated that a 100 percent conversion of all the street lamps in egloffstein – around 100 of them – would save about 80 euros.000 euros could cost. This includes the replacement of around ten lamp posts and the testing of the stability of all the posts.

Around 12.000 euro there was a grant from the state. The electricity saving – currently around 42.000 kilowatt hours a year, in the future around 13.000 – amounts to around 5400 euros a year, voth calculated. Since this project has a lead time of at least six months and the next call window begins in the spring of next year, the market town can spread the project financing over two budget years. All the local councils agreed. This was the result of the unanimous decision.

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