Drunk, scolded, rioted: 19-year-old gets chance for custody

Before the 19-year-old defendant headed for the hofheim disco ballhaus at 10 p.M., he and his three buddies were drinking to the top of their lungs and drinking to the top of their lungs. In the dance hall, the quartet then chirped another two or three bottles of whiskey in a short time. When he then literally behaved like the open trousers, the security staff showed him the red card.
The storenfried did not accept the ban and started to riot. For multiple trespassing, insulting, threatening and attempted bodily harm, the habfurt juvenile court has now issued the receipt: six months juvenile sentence on probation.
It was on 28. October last year in the two hours after midnight, when the young man made all the hullabaloo. After he had gone to smoke in the pit area, he had a sudden urge to smoke. But instead of rushing to the toilet, he simply peed on the wall. Two security guards noticed this and banned him from the premises.

Printed to the ground and tied up

who did not agree at all. After he had rolled, he climbed shortly afterwards over the barrier fence back on the land of the disco. Whereupon the security guards ordered him back to drauben. This game was repeated two more times before the security guards got a little too excited. They pushed the accused to the ground, tied him up and called the police.
The man, who had been so overpowered, repeatedly insulted the guards in a vulgar manner and threatened to kill them. Lying on the ground, he kicked wildly without succeeding in hurting anyone, probably as a result of his intoxication. Finally, the crew of a police patrol took him away, thus ending the absurd spectacle.
The young man who lives in the main valley is not a blank slate. At the age of 19 he already has four previous convictions. His record of offences includes a violation of the weapons act, resistance to law enforcement officers, a distress order and a violation of the narcotics act. A one-week youth detention from the last conviction in february of this year has not yet been served.
Juvenile court officer franz heinrich spoke of a problematic parental home. Between the mother of the accused and his stepfather there were repeated physical confrontations. When the accused was still a child, his mother once even fled with him to the women's home. At least there is a ray of hope, because the young man has meanwhile made up for his qualification and on the 1. September he begins training as a process technician.

The verdict is valid

in his plea, prosecutor matthias eichelsdorfer emphasized that this was already the fifth offense and that the adolescent had become more and more quickly violent. The juvenile court, presided over by juvenile court judge martin kober, reduced the eight-month sentence he had demanded to half a year. "If you don't start to think about it", kober told the convicted man "sooner or later you'll end up in juvenile prison in ebrach." The judgement is legally binding.

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