Dispute among female colleagues leads to court martial

dispute among female colleagues leads to court martial

Not every workplace has a harmonious working relationship. But in rather rare cases the bad mood between work colleagues escalates dermaben that the police and public prosecutor’s office come into play. At the youngest hearing before the district court in the county town, one could experience what is known in the country as a "catfight" is described. The trial of a 34-year-old accused of calling a female colleague a "slut" the woman, who had called her a name and spat at her, was suspended, but she must pay a fine of 150 euros.

The unpleasant drama took place in the afternoon of the 28th. August of last year in a store in the main valley from. Around 3 p.M., a young saleswoman (21) appeared to relieve the defendant at the cash register. In the run-up to the incident, the young saleswoman had heard from a third party that the defendant had spoken badly about her behind her back and had bullied her in this way. Among other things, the 21-year-old said on the witness stand, she had learned that the accused had said about her that she would act like a boss.

The young employee took advantage of the handover at the workplace to confront her colleague – the defendant. However, this discussion did not bring peace, but only led to further insults. The accused used unflattering terms like "bitch" to describe the young saleswoman and said that she could earn her wages by "table dancing" improve.

The woman, who had been thus abused, then went outside the door to smoke a cigarette to calm herself down. But as soon as she was sitting on the stairs in the open, the accused put her hand on her shoulder. The smokers forbade themselves with sharp words. In this situation it came to a scuffle and pushing, in the course of which the older spat the younger in the face and on the T-shirt.

For the so maltreated was thus the mab full and she filed full of anger complaint with the police.

In november 2019, exactly one year ago, the defendant received a criminal warrant from the public prosecutor’s office. Accordingly, she was to pay a fine of 70 daily sentences of 40 euros each, i.E. A total of 2800 euros, for spitting, which was considered a bodily injury, and for insulting her. She objected to this, so that the main hearing was held in court.

Lawyer bardo meilinger pointed out that the women had shouted at each other. Criminal court judge kerstin leitsch also stated that a large part of the accusations made by the 21-year-old during the police interrogation had vanished into thin air. Therefore, with the consent of the public prosecutor, the case was dropped without a conviction, but – due to the low level of culpability – with a small monetary fine. Due to her low income, the court costs will be covered by the state treasury, but the 34-year-old will have to pay for her lawyer herself. If she pays the 150 euros to the association "women help women" within three months, she will have to pay the court costs if you transfer the money, the matter is closed for you. If she does not comply with this obligation, there is a new round of negotiations.

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