Cups and blocks for the munnerstadt parish church

From spring 2019, the city parish church in munnerstadt is to be extensively renovated. Although there is a high demand, the own contribution that the church foundation has to shoulder remains high. A special edition with cups and blocks is to help finance the company’s own contribution.

The cups as well as the blocks show different views of the city parish church in modern and partly stylized form. The cups are also available in different colors. In the youngest parish council meeting the individual models were presented. The articles can be purchased at the tourist information office in munnerstadt castle, at eisen krais and at the parish office. Beside cups and blicks, the art prints with munnerstadt motives by inge kirch are still available.

Next year, the parish and kindergarten festival will again be held on a sunday. The parish council and the board of the kindergarten parents’ council agreed on this during the meeting. In the past three years, the festival had been held on saturdays. According to ulrike jira, chairman of the parish council, many parishioners wanted the festival to be held on sundays again. This was also evident from the festive visit, said jira. For the kindergarten children the official part will begin – as in the last three years – in the early afternoon with a devotion. The date for the kindergarten party is 30 in 2019. June.

Well attended this year was the parish’s senior citizens’ day, organized for the first time in november. According to ulrike jira, the new venue, the old auditorium, met with a positive response. She proposed to use the old auditorium again for 2019.Town priest P. Markus announced that there had been requests from the branch parishes to invite older citizens from the entire parish to the seniors’ day in the future. The parish council can well imagine this. The topic will now be discussed in the joint committee of the parish. It was also decided to hold the seniors’ day in november again in 2019. Date will be the 10. November his.

The next dammerschoppen after the eve mass on saturday will take place on saturday, 1. December, in the parish hall. Above all, the old and new church council members are also addressed.

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