Coburg: children abused in daycare center – why the case is being retried

Coburg: children abused in daycare center - why the case is being retried

The case made waves this spring: two former employees of a daycare center in the coburg area were charged with abuse of a ward and intentional bodily harm. Both women were convicted. The child care worker was fined 3,000 euros, her supervisor 6,000 euros. The court considered it proven that the mistreatment of children in the daycare center, as described by witnesses, had happened.

While the nursery nurse accepted the punishment, the educator filed an appeal. The case was therefore reopened on tuesday morning.

As a reminder, after an employee of the daycare center contacted the youth welfare office of the city of coburg and brought up cases of child abuse at the daycare center, mayor norbert tessmer filed a complaint. According to various witnesses, those responsible for the case had previously failed to act several times. One employee who had reported similar incidents in the past had even had to leave the facility. The colleague who got the ball rolling and contacted the youth welfare office in coburg is also no longer working at the facility. She had to sign a termination agreement, she explained.

Accusation: also stood idly by while the abuse took place

The defendant, who was head of the kindergarten at the facility from 2011 to january 2015, is accused by the public prosecutor's office of having committed abuse herself in one case in 2014 or of having stood idly by and watched abuse take place. On the advice of her lawyer, till wagler, the 42-year-old did not make any statements about the incidents.

On tuesday, the 37-year-old childcare worker and former colleague testified, whose verdict is already legally binding. In one case, the defendant allegedly forced fruit salad on a girl in the presence of the nursery nurse in such a way that the child vomited. The girl was eaten normally by the defendant, but then did not want anything more and "gocked", said the witness. "It was not as if the baton had been rammed into her mouth." the girl had vomited, she stated, but it had not been from the fruit salad. The defendant's lobe had only touched the girl's lip. She had observed the incident from the beginning.

The nursery nurse, who had worked in the daycare center for 15 years, denied any abuse. The incidents described never occurred at the facility, she testified. The children were not pulled by the hair, slapped on the buttocks, pushed or printed on the floor. Senior public prosecutor martin dippold questioned her testimony and urged her to be truthful: "you accept a termination agreement with your employer, a conviction by the court and a fine. I can hardly believe that they are telling the truth", he continued. Nevertheless, the witness insisted on her version of events.

Another witness and former employee, on the other hand, said something completely different: when the defendant pushed the spoon into the girl's mouth, the child immediately vomited. Before that, the girl had already pressed her lips together tightly because she did not want to eat the fruit salad. The loffel was already very "ungentlemanly" from the defendant in the mouth: "he was already very far behind", the witness testified. The word "rudely" the witness used the word "rudely" in many of her descriptions: on several occasions, children had been "rudely" thrown by the childcare worker had been pulled by the arm so that they no longer had a grip under their feet "rudely" dropped or even "thrown roughly" has been. On several occasions, boys had also been pulled by her hair or had received a slap on the back of the head.

Cramped at the table

At mealtimes, the children had a very unrelaxed attitude, which judge klaus halves even called a "forced attitude" in the further course of the questioning had to take. After the bib had been tied around them, the plate had been placed on it. "The children sat in a crouched position at the table." the witness, who had just started work at the facility at the time, also described an incident from 2011. A boy had been pulled up by his sweater in the back of the toilet by the nursery nurse and hit on the fingers. The nursery nurse had told her at the time: "you didn't see that now." the accused was also in the room during the incident, the witness explained.
The trial will begin on tuesday, 7., and on tuesday, 14. November, continued.

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