Cdu fights against co2 targets for cars in eu parliament

Cdu fights against co2 targets for cars in eu parliament

A week before a vote in the plenum, CDU politician jens gieseke sharply criticized the environmental committee’s proposal that new cars should emit at least 45 percent less carbon dioxide in 2030 than in 2021. According to him, a compromise is still being worked out behind the scenes.

The EU commission had proposed a 15 percent reduction by 2025 and a 30 percent reduction by 2030. The german car industry thinks this is feasible. The european people’s party (EPP), to which the CDU and CSU belong, supports the commission’s proposal, as does german chancellor angela merkel. However, the EU parliament’s environment committee has approved the 45-percent target.

Because the switch to cars with electric and other alternative drives had to happen much more quickly, according to an analysis by the EU commission, just under 60 percent of the cars produced in the EU as a whole could be produced by 2030.000 jobs lost. Under the EU commission’s 30 percent target, the figure was only around 2,000. However, according to the study, sharper targets would also create more new jobs: up to 151.000 if the batteries needed for e-cars were made in the EU instead of being imported.

The grunes criticized the analysis. "With vague calculations, the eu commission is playing on the fear of job losses," explained european member of parliament rebecca harms. "If we fail to transform the automotive sector in the european union, the jobs of the future will be created elsewhere." european manufacturers already invested seven times more in electric vehicles in china than in the eu.

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