Cash auditors begin work in limburg diocese

cash auditors begin work in limburg diocese

It is still unclear how the commission will be composed and when it will deliver its first results. The chairman of the bishops' conference, robert zollitsch, had stressed in advance that he wanted to act swiftly, but to avoid hasty decisions. The result of the examination could determine whether or not the controversial bishop is allowed to remain in office.

Tebartz-van elst is accused of wastefulness in the construction of his new residence. The hamburger public prosecutor's office has also applied for a criminal warrant against him for making false declarations in lieu of an oath. This involves statements by the clergyman about a first-class flight to india.

For more than half an hour, zollitsch and pope franciscus exchanged views in rome on thursday and discussed, among other things, the limburger scandal. Zollitsch said afterwards, the "mitbruderlichen gesprach" had encouraged him, but he did not want to give details because of the "confidential nature" of the case do not call.
There was no decision to recall the bishop. Rather, it was expected that the pope would first gather further information and therefore some time could pass before a decision is made.

Waiting for the papal audience
Tebartz-van Elst has been in rome since sunday and has so far waited in vain for an audience with the pope. Whether and when there will be a meeting between him and franciscus was still unclear. Even zollitsch did not meet the controversial bishop during his time in rome, as it cut. The talk between zollitsch and pope francis had been planned for a long time.

Zollitsch had clearly distanced himself from his brother in limburger several times. He described the situation in the bishopric of limburg as difficult and oppressive. "I am sure that the bishop will fundamentally deal with the necessary self-criticism", he said a few days ago.

Numerous politicians, associations and church organizations have called on tebartz-van elst to resign from office. However, only franciscus can ultimately decide whether to remove him from office. He was also able to suggest to tebartz-van elst that he resign from office.

In recent days, numerous bishoprics have reacted to public criticism of the bishop's and church's financial conduct and disclosed their finances. Until now, most dioceses had not publicly accounted for episcopal assets that are not part of the regular budget, in accordance with the current canon law.

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