Cable fire in workshop for the disabled

Cable fire in workshop for the disabled

Against 9.At 45 o’clock, the fire department was called to the facility at landwehrstrabe 15 – against the backdrop of the fire catastrophe in the black forest at the end of november, an alarm of particular explosiveness. About 20 firefighters from the michelau fire department went to the nearby building, surrounding fire departments were called in for support, and district fire chief timm vogler was also quickly on the scene.

In the assembly room on the second floor, a short circuit in the supply line to a neon tube had produced a lot of smoke; smoke detectors installed on all floors had gone off. The 60 or so men and women working in the workshop fall in love with their workplaces, and some of them lead each other out into the open by the hands. "It worked out well the way we managed it," was the conclusion of, emphasized head of operations vogler.

The firefighters did not have to intervene in any major way: they removed several ceiling tiles to get to the cable that had caused the fire. An electrician was commissioned to carry out the rest of the work. In the fire station, which is only a few minutes’ walk away, the people from the workshops warmed up and were looked after by BRK staff until they were able to leave after about an hour. The rooms were ventilated, the damage was estimated at 5000 euros, according to preliminary information from the police.

"Exercises and walks pay off", was the conclusion of holger knab, commander of the michelau fire department, with regard to the very orderly process. After the devastating fire in titisee-neustadt last year, in which 14 people lost their lives and 14 others were injured, a possible fire at a facility for the disabled was also a special topic for the local fire departments. "I had a talk with the workshop manager thomas neugeboren before christmas", reported holger knab. The most recent inspection of the building with firefighters was not until 8 a.M., he said. January had been.

The public utility company of the st.-josephswerkstatten employs around 60 disabled people in the former santherr messehaus in michelau. The need for parking spaces is greater, so a new building is planned in the neuensee district, which should be available this fall.

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