Burial forest: initiative group sees place of remembrance endangered

Burial forest: initiative group sees place of remembrance endangered

The initiative group for culture, history and archaeology in the kitzinger land sees the plans for a burial forest in the area of the constitutional sow near gaibach as a threat to the constitutional monument. In a statement, the initiative group demands that the constitutional pillar must not become a "cemetery of democracy" become. "This would currently be a devastating signal", writes monika conrad from kleinlangheim as spokeswoman of the initiative group with regard to the observed strengthening of anti-democratic forces in the country.

In the statement, the gaibach castle with the constitution hall and the adjacent landscape park with the constitution hall on a height are described as a "unique work of art" describes. It remember the one in 19. The long and bloody road from the feudal state to the free state that began in the nineteenth century. The initiativkreis hopes that in the coming years gaibach will succeed in becoming a recognized "place of remembrance of democacy history" upgrade. Conrad and her comrades-in-arms are also counting on a promise from minister-president markus soder. Last year, on the occasion of his visit to the 200th anniversary of the burghers' festival, he. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the bavarian constitution, the state of bavaria said it would provide money for an annual commemorative festival at the only monument in bavaria to the 1818 constitution.

Initiative circle: objections were "completely ineffective"

The initiative group is disappointed that its warnings and objections to a burial forest have apparently been "completely ineffective" so far with the landowner and potential cemetery operator, paul graf von schonborn, and the city of volkach, which has applied for approval of a cemetery. "How can it be explained that the city of volkach unanimously submits and agrees to plans for the construction of a natural cemetery at the constitutional sow without knowing about these plans??", states the opinion.

"We as a city are dispassionate about the matter", explains volkach's mayor peter kornell in response to a question from this editor. Volkach has enough cemeteries. The city has made the request only because this is not possible from the private side. They just wanted to support the possible operator here, says kornell.

Mayor: plan for burial forest as good as buried

According to the mayor, the city has not yet received any feedback from the potential operator of the cemetery on how to proceed now that the nature conservation authority in the district office has rejected the submitted cemetery plans. It is planned to present revised plans to the town council. However, according to kornell, "I see little chance of realization".

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