Burgermeister Jens Korn: “we have the trend on our side”

"Quo vadis upper rodach valley?" this question was posed by the steering group of the municipal alliance at a recent strategy meeting in wallenfels town hall. The members took an afternoon to define together which projects the urban redevelopment management should focus on in the future. A team of three, alexander eberl (DSK), gunter schramm (planwerk) and ann-sofie beuerle (planwerk), is responsible for the urban redevelopment management of wallenfels and steinwiesen.
In addition to the members of the committee, the meeting was attended by the spokespersons of the parliamentary groups from wallenfels and steinwiesen, rainer kober from steinwiesen aktiv, sandra heinz from the tourism association and margarita volk-lovrinovic from kronach creativ.
The expectations of the meeting participants were clear: "we want to successfully complete projects that have already been started and present presentable results. That's why we should concentrate on just a few projects in the future, but work on them all the more intensively", said mayor gerhard wunder (steinwiesen) at the beginning of the meeting. During the joint work phase, it became clear that the future focus will be on vacancy management and especially on the topics of public relations and approaching owners and investors. "We must convince the owners that it is worthwhile to create attractive living space because there is a concrete need for it. And we must show that we can offer excellent support for this in the rodachtal", emphasized entrepreneur rainer kober. For example, burghers are to be given more information about how the existing intermunicipal demand program can help with the renovation of their own property. In the redevelopment areas, up to 20,000 euros in subsidies are possible for each project.
Cooperation with the tourism association is another important topic. The urban redevelopment management team is to identify vacant properties that are suitable for conversion into vacation homes. The decisive factor, however, will be whether the owners can be convinced of the merits of such an investment. City redevelopment management and tourism manager sandra heinz want to work closely together here.
"We have the trend on our side, declared the mayor of wallenfels korn. "More and more people are recognizing the high quality of life in our region. However, we have the paradoxical situation that, despite the many vacancies, there is hardly any acceptable living space to be found in the upper rodach valley. Some companies therefore have problems bringing employees to the region. We must therefore try everything to bring demand and supply together." 

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