Broad agreement in the senate

The conversion senate of the city of bamberg has clearly expressed its support for the revised land and development plan for the former muna site, where a commercial area is to be built. In the revised version of the draft presented by jorg meier (hohnen und partner), the encroachment on forest land was significantly reduced; 34 hectares still had to be cleared for the project. The newly designated construction areas were reduced to 54 hectares.
"This flat is the last rough flat we can have for commercial settlements", mayor andreas stark (SPD) pointed out. New business tax revenue is immensely important for the city.
"The urban society also needs commerce and cannot compensate for the flat land in the countryside", said peter neller (CSU). Ecology and economy had reached a "fair compromise" approached. Heinz kuntke (SPD) saw it similarly: "the commercial space will be reduced considerably. What was there before will be preserved. No one uses the muna area for recreation." it is "a really careful planning, which one can only agree with".
Ursula sowa (GAL) still sees "a lot of red herrings to swallow". There are signs of improvement, he said, but the business park is still far too crude. Herbert lauer (BA) was "quite satisfied", even if the commercial area still does not cover the identified need for space. Daniela reinfelder (bub) criticized that some opponents of the project had caused confusion by using false figures.
At the request of the SPD, the senate also voted in favor of a workshop to work out a sustainable development of the commercial sites.

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