Blaservereinigung and musikverein rock together

Blaservereinigung and musikverein rock together

Two music clubs join forces, practice and then give a concert together. The blaservereinigung markt burkardroth and the musikverein schondra took a chance. Under the motto "pop and rock pieces by simon& garfunkel, elton john, michael jackson, adele, robbie williams and queen. 75 musicians were on stage. What they and their musical director, thomas reub, offered was inspiring and driving.

The idea for this concert came from the schondra music society, which for the fourth time organized a musical event around a specific theme and chose the concert literature accordingly. "The idea of giving a joint concert with the brass band association came to us because both bands have the same conductor, thomas reub", the chairman of the schondra music association, hubert schmitt, explained the project. "Also, because we wanted to try out, how it sounds, if one forms a rough klangkorper." besides, one could complement each other and compensate for possible weaknesses. "We are well staffed with the tenor horns, but we are missing the trumpets", added schmitt.

The chairman of the brass band of markt burkardroth, konrad straub, was also very positively impressed by the idea and its implementation. "I am thrilled, it was really fun", he said. A highlight would be the "bohemian rhapsody" had been. 1974 freddie mercury composed the song for queen. She begins with a melodious pop ballad about a young boy growing up in poor circumstances. The second part consists of an opera piece, which will also be sung by the band. Finally the song rises to a groovy rock'n'roll, to end at the end of its stately long again in the ballad.

Young talents presented themselves
With standing ovations and much applause the many listeners thanked the musicians and their conductor for the successful evening. But also the musical offspring of both orchestras, the "noterunners" were allowed under the direction of florian kirchner the melody "also spoke zarathustra" by richard straub and the rock song "we will rock you intonate. The evening was rounded off by the revival band schondra with conductor leander eismann. With "matrimony", one of gilbert o'sullivan's greatest hits, and "rock opening" by manfred schneider, the 17 musicians heated up the audience additionally.

All in all, a very exciting concert, which one could see the extensive rehearsal work, including rehearsal weekend on the wasserkuppe. The musicians presented themselves as a sovereign body of sound, which did honor to its conductor thomas reub. And the latter was also very satisfied with his musicians in the end. "It was a great concert", he said.

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