Bad bruckenau’s head of the building yard, jochen krug, goes into partial retirement

Bad bruckenau's head of the building yard, jochen krug, goes into partial retirement

The words with which the city bid farewell to the long-serving head of the building yard, jochen krug, were heartfelt as he entered his partial retirement phase. "You were an institution, said mayor brigitte meyerdierks (CSU). "I could also call you at night or on the weekend, you were always there", she emphasized krug's commitment, which went far beyond what he had to do according to his employment contract.

Commitment to the fire department
Krug had been in the service of the city since 1988, and had been in charge of the building yard since november 1992. Meyerdierks found it particularly enriching that krug, who was the commander of the bad bruckenau volunteer fire department from 1989 to 2008, was committed to the town in two ways at once. "Cooperation between the building yard and the fire department has always been a given."

The successor will again be a fire department commander, namely michael krug. He is "following in his father's footsteps". And they are quite rough", meyerdierks said. The succession of the father by the son had caused displeasure among some people in the city, said meyerdierks and assured that krug had the best qualifications of all applicants.

Knowledge of trench construction
Michael Krug brings with him knowledge of trench construction. Every day, he checks the cracks in the hartstrabe and regularly stops by the construction site in the unterhainstrabe. The construction technician and master trench builder had been employed by the city of schweinfurt since 2008. Since march 2009, he has also been the commander of the bruckenau fire department. "I give you credit for staying in bad bruckenau with your young family.", said the mayor. This connection with the city was already exemplified by his father.

Chamberman leo romeis praised the cooperation as "very good and collegial". Human resources manager silvia reinelt presented a cd and chocolate snowmen "to give you your own private winter service". Managing director anton kiefer, who had already sat on the school bench with krug, summed it up briefly: "all the best, jochen!".

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