Arc and smoke on the land of a network operator

Arc and smoke on the land of a network operator

According to the police, a small amount of oil ignited and continued to spread on the ground burned. After a short time, the fire went out on its own. Black smoke and the arc were visible from afar. How much property damage was caused, can be determined at the moment still do not say, reports the police further.

Employees of one on the land the contractor were shortly before 18.00 o’clock at the same time with employees of the nearby nuclear power plant grafenrheinfeld became aware of the arc and a bang. A responsible person of the network operator was immediately informed, which then also a few minutes later on site was. At this time the fire on the ground was almost completely extinguished.

As it turned out, the arc had originated above a switch, whereby there is still no information about the cause of the damage. The in the switch insulating oil ignited and led to more intense smoke development. The fire on the ground, which spreads over a flat of five to six square meters was quickly extinguished by itself. A danger that the fire may spread to the plant had been able to spread, did not exist at any time.

Employee of the the network operator will inspect the damage on thursday. This is a possible assessment of the damage and indications of what caused the fire could have drawn.

Because of the smoke and the fire visible from afar arc, the schweinfurt police also received a call from a concerned burger owner.

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