Apple’s iphone 5 at a glance

Apple's iphone 5 at a glance

The iphone 5 got a coarser touchscreen for the first time. It now has a screen diagonal of 4 inches (10.16 cm) instead of the previous 3.5 inches (8.9 cm). As a result, a number of app icons fit more on the display.

Instead of the usual wide plug for connection to other devices, the new iphones will have a smaller connector. But apple will offer an adapter. The camera retains the previous resolution of 8 megapixels, but was renewed from scratch. The iphone now has a function for taking panoramic pictures.

The new iphone supports the super-fast data radio technology LTE. In germany, however, it was almost exclusively T-mobile customers who benefited from it, because the subsidiary of deutsche telekom uses the 1800 mhz frequency used by the device.

The new ios 6 operating system also brings the passbook app to iphones, a digital wallet for tickets and loyalty cards. The ipod nano player now looks like a small iphone and can also handle bluetooth connections, for example for connection in the car.

Like the iphone, the ipod touch has been given a 4-inch screen and now also has the talking assistant siri on board. It is now also available in different colors. Apple launches new earphones after three years of development. They should sound better and look futuristic. The multimedia software itunes has been renewed and is now connected to the online storage service itunes, so that it is easier to switch between different advices.

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